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40 Year Reunion

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Reunion Summary

The 40th Reunion of the Grady High School Class of 1969 was, many agree, our best reunion yet! 

The festivities began on Friday afternoon with a "Grady Girl's" lunch organized by Frances Kaplan.  The Girls met at 1pm at the Brio Tuscan Grille in Dunwoody and had a great time.

Then at 7:30 on Friday there was a "pre-reunion" gathering at The Three Dollar Cafe on Roswell Road attended by about 50 people.

On Saturday a small but hearty group of six met for Golf at Steel Canyon Golf Course in Sandy Springs on a cool and damp afternoon - led by Frank Noyes.

The reunion was held on Saturday night, October 17, 2009 at 6 pm in the Atrium of the South Tower of the Atlanta Financial Center in Buckhead at 3333 Peachtree Road.  It was a great location - as one classmate said, "elegant yet intimate."

A really good group estimated at 154 total people - 145 graduates/spouses/guests, 7 teachers and two teachers' husbands showed up.  We had excellent appitizers followed by dinner at 7pm consisting of chicken, pork and beef bar-b-que with baked beans, cole slaw and various cakes for desert.

Richard Siegel made announcements (see below) followed by a group photo.  As usual, getting everyone organized for a group photo was like herding cats, but was finally managed at around 8pm.  Following the photo, many danced, some just talked to classmates for hours.  It was a really fun evening.

On Sunday, about 25 classmates met at Grady for a tour of the totally refurbished school to end our reunion weekend.

GROUP SHOT - If you didn't get a chance to purchase a copy of the Professionally Shot Group Shot at the reunion you can call Helen Lee at (404) 876-3716, or e-mail her at helenleestudio13@yahoo.com to order a copy.  The shot turned out VERY GOOD!

Download a KEY to the Class Photo - CLICK HERE - Download an Adobe PDF file that identifies the names of each classmate by row and position in the class photo.  Can't open the PDF file? - download the free Adobe Reader.

Announcements made at the Reunion:

1.  We welcomed everyone and introduced the committee who worked on the reunion:  Terri Feldman, Robert Galanti, Rhonda Kahanow, Frances Kaplan, Linda Melnick, Frank Noyes, Morris Podber, Ann Polan, Buddy Ray, Gene Roberts, Janie Ronin, Debby Slotin, Richard Siegel and Susan Tenenbaum.  I hope I did not leave anyone out.

2.  We gave special recognition to Buddy Ray for developing and maintaining the website.  Without the website, I don't know if we would have had the enthusiasm and attendance we had.  We already have enough funds to maintain it through April 2013.  Beyond that, we'll perhaps solicit funds if need be, or, there may be something newer and better by then.

3.  Special thanks to Linda Melnick Weiner for the fantastic decorations, and to her and Barry Weiner for the donation of them.

4.  We welcomed the teachers who attended:  Joanna Adams (English) and her husband Al, Mary Gillespie Amos (English) and her husband Tony, Eleanor Camarata (D.E.), Nancy Lackey Moses (Math), Eileen Page Moon (Latin), Tommye Mueller (Art), and Beth Stedman (Spanish).

5.  We pointed out that Mr. Derthick died about 11 or 12 years ago, and that Mr. Miller died about 2 or 3 years ago.  

6.  We recognized and thanked those people who made generous donations which allowed us to keep the cost manageable and the Reunion  at the Atrium:  Jackie Andrews, Roy Cohen, Robert Galanti, Bobby Glustrom, Straiton Hard, Bill Holden, Rhonda Kahanow, George Lauderdale, Liz Lee, Mike Lewis, Linda Melnick, Frank Noyes, Moss Robertson, Rick Smith, Barry Weiner, and Sammy Thomas.  I hope I have not left anyone out.

7.  We announced those members of our class who are deceased:  Arthur Anderson, Janice Brannon, Walter Coppedge, Bill Dennis, Darryl Duval, Bobby Glisson, Lynn Goldberg, Judy Golson, Marsha Green, Steve Hattaway, Brent Hestir, Thurman Hornbuckle, Vicki Jimmerson, Marcy Moldow, Alfred Perlinski, Rodney Phelps, Dottie Picklesimer, David Piha, Benny Pirkle, Sande Sheffer, Laura Smith, Allen Tenenbaum, Eddie Toole, and Virginia Whatley. 

8.  We wished Kathy Jackson and Joanna Adams "Happy Birthday."

9.  We announced the school tour to take place Sunday, October 18.  The tour was great.  The school has been completely redone.  If you haven't seen it, do try to do so one day.

10.  The group photo was wonderful and the best one we've ever had.  Photos are still available.  Contact Helen Lee at (404) 876-3716 or helenleestudio13@yahoo.com

11.  A group of Grady teachers meets twice a year for lunch.  Anyone is invited.  They meet on the first Friday of October and March at 11:00 a.m., Lettuce Souprise You, at North Druid Hills and Briarcliff.

12.  If you change your e-mail address, please update the website.  Otherwise, you will miss announcements, e-mails, etc.

13.  We will be purchasing a commemorate brick at the Grady Plaza, engraved with our Class name, the 40th Reunion event, and the date.  If you're at the school look for it.

Download a KEY to the Group Shot - CLICK HERE - Download an Adobe PDF file that identifies the names of each classmate by row and position in the class photo.  
Can't open the PDF file? - download the free Adobe Reader.